Features conversation bubbles:

“You’re such a fag. You take the cake.”

“Why do you let him talk to you that way?”

“Yeah freedom, baby! Freedom!”

“I think I loved him all my life, but he never knew I was alive. Besides, he’s straight.”

“Ja, I could see that.”

“Tell me about it.”

“I adore you.”

“Take me home, devil! Take me home!”

“No, no, master never will do that…”

“Why do you run ‘way from me, pretty boy?”

“I can move in slow motion, can’t I?”

“O’ my fair warrior!”

“I’m just the future, in love with myself, that’s the future.”

“Man, let’s get cool and enjoy each other.”

“Kiss me, sweets.”

“I’m too pretty to rumble, and that’s a fact.”

“No use’n you rakin’ up ole times.”

“Listen, baby, you don’t leave me. I’ll cut out your heart.”

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