Chiara Overview 2017

Overview is the Crown Point Press newsletter.

Overview announces our new print releases with color illustrations and an essay about the artist and the work.

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Richard Diebenkorn

through May 29, 2017

Terry Fox

Terry Fox. Elemental Gestures
Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland
through June 5, 2017

John Zurier

John Zurier
Anglim Gilbert Gallery, Minnesota Street Project, San Francisco
through June 7, 2017

Ed Ruscha

Ed Ruscha / Jonas Wood
Notepads, Holograms, and Books
Gagosian Gallery, San Francisco
(around the corner from Crown Point Press)
through June 17, 2017

Custom-Built Intrigue: Drawings 1974-84
Gagosian Gallery, New York
through June 30, 2017

Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud
White Cube Gallery, Mason Yard, London
through July 1, 2017

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