This image is one of four small traditional line etchings that Robert Bechtle made at Crown Point Press in 1967, forty-four years before they were editioned. Kathan Brown, who had founded Crown Point in 1962, was the printer at that time. Bechtle had embarked on a print series that he loosely called “The Alameda Book,” images of the town near San Francisco where he grew up. After creating four plates, however, he set the project aside. He returned to Crown Point Press in 1982, and has worked regularly at the press since then. The plates for the four Alameda images were discovered in Crown Point’s basement in 2011, and Bechtle requested that they be printed. Printer Ianne Kjorlie editioned them, and Bechtle dated the prints 1967, since the plates are unchanged from when he made them. He created the titles in 2011.

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