Darren Almond: The Light of Time

September 12 - December 12, 2018

Crown Point Press announces The Light of Time, an exhibition featuring etchings by British artist Darren Almond. Also on view are prints by John Cage, Sherrie Levine, Tom Marioni and Steve Reich, artists invited by Almond to “join the conversation.”

In 2018 Darren Almond, in his second residency at Crown Point Press, has created a photogravure portfolio titled Amalfi Sketchbook, and two sets of dramatic color aquatints. One set, Refractive Index, shows bright spheres against deep black fields, and the other, titled Foci, contains four images each showing a colorful streak against dense black. In the exhibition, the new work is joined by etchings Almond made in 2010 at Crown Point: a portfolio of black and white photogravures titled Civil Dawn and four photogravures in color titled Full Moon.

A new video showing Darren Almond working in the Crown Point studio this past spring accompanies the exhibition, which extends until the end of November. At that time, the artist plans to travel to San Francisco to be present for a closing reception.

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