King Phillip Came Over From Germany Stoned

September 12 - December 28, 2019

Crown Point Press announces King Phillip Came Over From Germany Stoned, an exhibition of four new color etchings and a sculpture by Gay Outlaw, accompanied by a group of prints she has selected from Crown Point’s inventory. Outlaw is a San Francisco-based sculptor, photographer, and printmaker who approaches a broad range of media with a playful and inventive outlook. Her ideas range from food, animals, family relationships and everyday objects, to ways of seeing. The title she chose for the show, King Phillip Came Over From Germany Stoned, is a mnemonic device for memorizing the taxonomic order: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. Biological classification represents an understanding of evolutionary relationships, not unlike the harmonious connections among the prints in the exhibition.

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