January 12 - March 22, 2024

Crown Point Press announces Jacqueline Humphries, an exhibition of new prints by the New York- based artist. Humphries created seven color etchings during her second Crown Point project in October 2023. The new prints are each nearly square, with a dot matrix background and a central splatter shape. The prints are untitled, qualified by the dominant color in parentheses, and Humphries’ choice of color in each print is uniquely subtle and varied. Layered hues vibrate against the staccato of dotted backgrounds and gestural foregrounds.

“The central image in these prints originates from a series of paintings I made in 2023. I was fascinated by the public actions of the Just Stop Oil activists, who protested climate change policy by throwing and spraying these paint pours and splatters that resembled the gestures of paintings I made earlier in my career. I thought if I pre-vandalize my paintings, maybe this would protect them from future vandals… or even provoke further attention to painting within the social media landscape in an unexpected way, revealing how social tensions coalesce around the contemplation of art.” — Jacqueline Humphries

Press Release

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