Verdant Spring: A Group Exhibition

March 8 - April 28, 2018

Tomma Abts, Darren Almond, Anne Appleby John Chiara, Tony Cragg, Mary Heilmann, Robert Hudson, Robert Kushner, Sol LeWitt, Tom Marioni, Susan Middleton, Joan Nelson, Chris Ofili, Janis Provisor, Richard Smith, Pat Steir, David True, Richard Tuttle, and William T. Wiley

Verdant Spring: A Group Exhibition celebrates the lush, green growth of the spring season, presenting prints by nineteen artists whose art interprets natural and unnatural worlds. “You go off into nature and sit down,” British artist Darren Almond said while working in the Crown Point studio, “and you can look into one spot for an hour and never know what you’re getting.” On view March 8 to April 28 at Crown Point Press, Verdant Spring: A Group Exhibition explores the color green as used by artists to evoke harmony, fertility, and resilience in etchings published by the press.

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