Represent the Work:
New Etchings by Matt Mullican

June 3 - August 31, 2021

Crown Point Press announces the release of five new etchings by Matt Mullican. The New York-based artist came to San Francisco to work in the Crown Point studio for two weeks in early January of 2020. The resulting prints, Mullican explained, are like pages in a book, with the first print acting as the title or cover page. The phrase “REPRESENT THE WORK” is printed in capital letters banner-like above and below the central image in each print. As he pointed to a drawing study, the artist said, “Represent the work. This is my work. That’s what this is.” Mullican uses signs, symbols and colors as a system of order to illustrate the relationship between the actual world and its representation, and to make sense of the world that is around us. The gallery exhibition includes preparatory drawings, working proofs and ephemera presented together with the five new etchings in a layout designed by Mullican.

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